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Wild Twilight approaches her prey
safe1749490 artist:buttersprinkle314 twilight sparkle306015 pony1009633 unicorn341917 adorkable3584 behaving like a cat2243 book34480 bookhorse577 butt shake1334 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cute205581 dork3863 face down ass up8758 female1401025 hunting99 mare501744 silly7543 silly pony3037 simple background408793 smiling260592 solo1093743 that pony sure does love books1168 tongue out108158 twiabetes12261 unicorn twilight18682 white background102413


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The majestic bookhorse stalks its prey. See how its ears prick up, listening closely for any signs of panic. The bookhorse must be cautious — wild books are extremely skittish, and the slightest mis-step could cause a stampede.