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suggestive159959 artist:magnaluna1139 princess celestia100748 princess luna105070 twilight sparkle320144 blushing222043 bush3124 bust60864 colored pupils11346 constellation890 crown21786 cute220556 dialogue73733 ear fluff37298 female1502607 female focus7448 floppy ears59323 forest11624 galaxy mane1264 heart54930 horn98627 implied sex6651 jewelry80219 leaning4102 lesbian103836 looking at you196582 lunabetes3818 offscreen character39757 portrait34688 regalia25550 shipping218452 solo focus19492 twilestia2632 voyeurism2387 wavy mouth4316 wingding eyes27050


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I exist, probably.
She seems embarrassed/shy, like Flutterbutter if she walked in on something she did not intend to see, or something too lewd. That’s usually what ‘Oh my O///O’ is supposed to convey at anyrate.
Background Pony #D626
Celestia’s name is used as an expletive in this case. She is not on-screen or off-screen.  
Notice the text in lavender is Twilight speaking and the one in blue is Luna.  
So yeah, dream or not, Luna is watching Twilight do something pleasurable.

I exist, probably.
Someone in a chat room brought up an interesting point, given that Luna watches over dreams shes probably no stranger to the occasional voyeurism, as one the ‘perks’ of her job.