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safe1690574 edit130663 screencap220283 applejack168562 twilight sparkle298528 earth pony242730 pony952145 unicorn316507 the ticket master996 animated97767 apple16045 apple tree3093 basket3047 cute197502 excited2968 eyes closed91662 female1348457 food69090 freckles28301 gif30520 happy30796 jackabetes5874 jumping3310 loop5203 mare473196 open mouth142532 tree31790 twiabetes11627 unicorn twilight16929


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Keeping it Simple!
Notice both Twi and AJ are carrying the same amount of apples in this shot, yet AJ is clearly getting more happy-dance airtime than Twily!

Attention to detail, indeed!