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Not trying to start arguments, I just always see art of him with sideburns, and I don’t think people know that in the show, you can see it’s actually a part of the crown.


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Background Pony #52A4
I find it hilarious how he looks more annoyed at his crown flying off than the fact that he’s being hit with a massive laser in this.
Background Pony #E4F6
@Background Pony #D16B  
that black line is going under his ear…either an animation error, or a really F’ed up sideburn. Never seen someone grow sideburns from behind the ear, and out the bottom. Nasty.
Background Pony #65A8
(pathetic whimpering) B-b-b-but my headcanon! NoOoOoOoOoOo!~ This doesn’t agree with the fanon! Quick—someone make a lame excuse to save my brain farts!
Background Pony #BFF1
whispers He actually does have them underneath. You can see it briefly after the crown comes off, it’s a thin sideburn but he still has them ;)
Mr. Horrible

It’s also entirely possible that the crown and the sideburns were just part of the same object in the flash file and moved together when it was animated blowing off, and the audience was never meant to be able to see this scene that clearly.