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fast version of >>1286899

safe2175477 edit173105 edited screencap90520 editor:watermelon changeling154 screencap295854 pinkie pie255972 princess cadance40074 princess celestia112746 princess luna117229 alicorn314707 earth pony446781 pony1603784 g42030416 to where and back again3079 animated126125 dancing11225 female1804054 gif48782 lidded eyes48091 looking at you259591 loop7490 she knows136 smiling397828 solo focus29411


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Go fsck yourself
She’s dancing to this.
If you’ve never seen Road to Revenge, and you love MST3k, you’ll laugh your ass off watching that movie, beginning to end. It’s on YouTube, just search for it. **WARNING: it has brief topless-lady scenes…which go absolutely nowhere.**