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safe1899810 artist:howxu642 discord33904 fluttershy231523 pinkie pie233053 princess celestia102369 princess luna106514 twilight sparkle324619 ghost3190 human186090 vampire4683 series:my little kindergarten15 4koma694 anna282 bedsheets1373 blushing227623 broom2067 camera4445 chibi16044 clothes533355 comic119790 cosplay30835 costume32956 cute225563 cute little fangs2597 diapinkes11208 discute1102 dress51289 elsa551 eyes closed113191 fangs31044 flandershy5 flandre scarlet81 frozen (movie)812 halloween costume2250 hat102651 horned humanization7320 humanized107190 jack-o-lantern2756 looking at you203594 mob cap13 olaf64 open mouth183657 patchouli knowledge86 pumpkin5078 saigyouji yuyuko28 shoes46324 shyabetes16203 skirt45941 smiling309339 snap60 snowman683 socks77510 sweatdrop4129 touhou1005 twiabetes13333 twichouli38 winged humanization9316 witch2770 witch hat3951


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Background Pony #E8C3
Advent Cirno version  
Twilight as Reisen Udongein Inaba  
Rainbow Dash as Cirno  
Applejack as Hong Meiling  
Pinkie Pie as Suika Ibuki  
Fluttershy as Reimu Hakurei  
Rarity as Alice Margatroid  
Spike as Mystia Lorelei  
Celestia as Yukari Yakumo  
Discord as Seija Kaku  
Luna as Eirin Yagokoro  
Moondancer as Patchouli Knowledge
Artist -

Acolyte of Madness
Fluttershy as Flandre? Interesting.  
Twilight as Patchouli though is kinda a given. Like Rainbow Dash and Scout. XD
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Sees the top ones
That’s cute!
Sees the middle ones
Not into Frozen, but still pretty cute.
Sees the last ones
Flandre-shy! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!