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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

How would you like your funeral display, Rarity? Sweet and flowery or extra heartbreaking???!!!
NOOOOOOOO, I'm getting traumatic flashbacks from Pinky's st*pid old dusty warehouse!!


Shop owner: Coffin Sweets by SimplySassfras

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safe1750416 artist:meiyeezhu332 rarity185579 oc711905 oc:coffin sweets1 human158943 anime5679 bowtie10629 carpentry15 casket82 clothes475965 coffin194 comic111474 cross767 curtains2056 desk3399 door4071 dress46069 flower26704 goth2300 gothic479 high heels11777 humanized101913 measuring128 measuring tape1090 misinterpretation10 old master q499 parody15784 receptionist41 reference3946 rose4011 scared10764 shocked7252 shop390 shopping391 sign4124 speechless78 stockings34224 storage53 surprised9585 traditional art120257 wooden floor173 woodwork160


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