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Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
"What can I do for you Fannie Fannie Banana-fana-fo-Fannie?"

"Tell me, Padlock. What is your favorite thing to do?"

"Spreading the teachings of her holiness Princess Celestia to the many ponies of Equestria, teaching love and tolerance for all!"

"And killing the vamponies?"

"Ah, just try and bucking stop me."

"And what about…the Lunatics?"

"Second verse, same as the first! Now put me on a plane so I can put 'em in a hearse!"

@Keith Mowz

It fits, too!


Well, that was one quote I was beaten to XD

Boopity Schmooples
Padlock: What do you want, you crazy Lunar bastard?
Moonglow Twinkle: I'm a mare.
Padlock: Call yourself whatever you want, you crazy Lunar bastard!
Background Pony #6A7F
У тебя английский почерк понятнее русского..