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Who's ready to go heavy freakin' metal?

Soarin, that's who.

It was going to be either this excellent album, or Hell Bent for Pie (sic).
safe1585776 artist:stec-corduroyroad88 soarin'13342 pegasus246996 pony855894 album cover1352 blue1167 clothes414388 flying34737 goggles13149 heavy metal276 judas priest45 male324977 music2568 parody15233 red645 solo981932 stallion94267 vengeance35 wings81151 wonderbolt costume1 wonderbolts3395 wonderbolts uniform5414 yellow329


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #BFB5
you've got another thing comin' is one of the greatest songs ever but i don't get the hyper surrounding the entire album. there's a couple tracks that just feel like filler to me and aren't particularly heavy for one of the allegedly all time greatest heavy metal albums ever. i like defenders of the faith more even though the drums sound a shitty on it. and their late 70's albums fucking rule the most.