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Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry (Pegasus)  
Twilight Sparkle x Timber Spruce (Earth Pony)  
Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst (Unicorn)
safe1995955 edit159110 edited screencap82019 screencap267815 flash sentry14353 sci-twi29267 starlight glimmer55979 sunburst8090 sunset shimmer73628 timber spruce2093 twilight sparkle335927 equestria girls236979 cropped56558 flashimmer2604 heart63454 magical trio490 male469638 shipping232704 shipping domino1157 starburst1471 straight161823 timbertwi467


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Background Pony #9DD1
I only ship one of those, and the one I ship is ONLY because Starlight and Sunburst were friends since foalhood.
Background Pony #3B40
Sunburst is the only male character I remotely find tolerable in this picture.  
I don’t know, something about an unconfident, nervous adult male, trying to come to terms with his mediocrity, while at the same time underestimating his strengths, speaks to me.
The other two? The handsome devils who seem real confident about themselves and are comfortable around girls? Fuck those guys.
Background Pony #D266
Please stop removing the duck tag. If this isn’t duckery then nothing is.