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The best of friends always have the best kinds of snuggles.
I would like to thank Equumamici for giving me the idea to do this cute paring of Lyra and Bon Bon, using this picture of actual horses snuggling the same way as reference. —––>
You have indeed helped cure me from my art-block tonight, Equum! I thank you greatly!  
This came out more adorably than I thought!
Hope you all like it as well!
safe1880312 artist:thefriendlyelephant411 bon bon17382 lyra heartstrings31313 sweetie drops17380 earth pony321769 pony1226361 unicorn402256 adorabon712 best friends735 cute222958 eyes closed110980 female1517899 grass11569 horses doing horse things1325 lesbian104502 lying down27208 lyrabetes1504 lyrabon3599 mare567095 neck hug89 on side7536 shipping220174 smiling302939 snuggling6847 thefriendlyelephant is trying to murder us7 traditional art126555


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Meddlesome Peon
I have the urge to twist there necks around each other like a twisty tie. Being twined together in a painful manner would only make this scene more adorable.