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Bday gift for Applekenken. He made me one as well since we are the same birth >>1264452
You might be wondering how a horse’s semen can impregnante a human woman. There’s actually a video on youtube that explains how this could be possible.

explicit453995 artist:burstfire282 applejack196184 human234358 pony1479531 g41929196 ahegao32663 an egg being attacked by sperm3002 applebucking thighs2511 applebutt6354 areola29120 ass79491 balls105185 belly41120 belly button105633 bestiality2725 big areola8515 big balls15525 big breasts120026 big penis18302 breast hold1521 breast milk5357 breasts376246 busty applejack13521 butt219221 clothes611779 creampie42927 crossbreeding357 cum101450 cum belly2112 cum inflation5003 curvy9251 drool33359 egg cell2928 female1739919 fertilization96 glory hole2578 heart71901 horsecock95222 huge breasts55780 human female1853 humanized116506 impossibly large breasts22801 impregnation4373 inflation12119 interspecies30209 lactation7430 large butt31160 male529478 milk squirt1490 minecraft3126 nipples232938 nudity492994 open mouth225400 panting3715 penis205010 plump8461 pony on human action1247 sex163867 spermatozoon2943 stallion184196 stallion on human female817 straight172414 thick penis277 thunder thighs15172 tongue out141498 wide hips28375


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Aw, man, substantial part of your arts looks… too peculiarly and sometimes even frighteningly. But your style of drawning is fantastic. Thats why you’re my favourite pron-artist.
Background Pony #0D7A
waitaminute…. issat…? No, I’m not crazy, that’s minecraft in the background to the far right…. I’m probably the only one who noticed this though XD
Background Pony #FFF4
Can human AJ just always be that plump? Not necessarily inflated, just, Y’know, chubby.
Background Pony #EF9A
I guess we need an ‘interspecies impregnation’ tag because we need more like this.
Background Pony #3B31
For most species, absolutely nothing. Being unable to breed is one of the basic dividing lines between species. A lot of incredibly delicate machinery, highly specialized to each species, has to work properly for a sperm and ovum to fuse.
The various horselike, doglike, and catlike crossbreeds are the result of species not very far separated from each other in evolutionary time, and even these are often infertile.
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The Anti-Normies
Any geneticist here? What would result of that fusion, in any case, has someone try to blend ovulates and sperm from two different species just to see what happens?