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First try at this type of animating.
safe (1427398)artist:dragonpone (323)derpibooru exclusive (20279)lyra heartstrings (26084)princess ember (5120)dragon (37565)angry (19969)animated (84646)bloodstone scepter (737)blushing (153603)dragonified (1313)dragon lord lyra (4)eyes closed (67853)floppy ears (41253)gif (23919)gritted teeth (9129)hair over one eye (6912)head tilt (845)holding (1890)magic (57406)magic hands (536)prone (20448)pulling (493)simple background (290341)size difference (10613)smiling (182874)species swap (15753)spread wings (40913)struggling (673)teeth (6398)telekinesis (20670)white background (72052)

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