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Artist’s Description
Reupload, had to edit the panties a bit to avoid some people getting the wrong idea. ¯*(ツ)*/¯

suggestive193564 artist:scorpdk720 fluttershy262757 human254812 g42066108 adorasexy13073 armpits47249 big breasts129828 black underwear4791 bracelet16346 breasts401246 broom2520 busty fluttershy24558 cameltoe11949 clothes651104 crash912 cute271335 ear piercing45887 earring34112 evening gloves11080 feet55695 female1845596 full body8235 gloves30934 high res410129 humanized121586 jewelry118054 leaves3638 looking at you268481 missing shoes624 one eye closed47088 panties65160 piercing66593 sexy47584 shyabetes19672 smiling411525 smiling at you28130 socks98152 solo1456943 solo female239966 stockings50017 thigh highs61987 torn clothes7210 underass3432 underwear80636 wardrobe malfunction6561 wink33669 winking at you3588 witch3614


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Yeah, I have a habit of getting to that point. For better or for worse, I don’t like it when uppity kids give me attitude and I do push back. Classic case of unstoppable force meets immovable object.
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Omfg, either of you repeated your opinions a million times about the original already, we GOT it already.

Let’s keep in mind, this comment’s section is, in no way, meant to criticize or villify the ideas of Scorpdk; they have far more talent than most of us can dream of… or maybe that’s just me who thinks that about myself. scratches head sheepishly
Point is, it’s just a matter of contention based around the tastes of some, shouldn’t change the art, especially when there’s plenty of others that love it.

The problem is when that entitlement gets forced on others and the artist is compelled to change a piece of theirs to appeal to that small group. It’s fine to have a preference, but don’t go making a fuss over it to have everything change to your tastes.

I can’t look away, it is really sexy and cute. I saw the version before, but i think this new one is better, just because it looks so more delicate :D
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Oh… yeah, I can see why some folks thought she had something “extra” down there. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it. Were there actually people who got upset over this? Over a little bump??