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safe2199593 artist:magnaluna1240 artist:szafir87165 twilight sparkle361394 alicorn319871 pony1630117 g42055744 adorkable4385 animated127710 balancing1375 book44299 bookhorse748 brown background1520 cute269448 daaaaaaaaaaaw7129 dork4732 ear fluff52380 eyes closed141349 female1831396 fluffy19981 gif49582 happy45340 hoofy-kicks868 impossibly large book12 mare759594 open mouth243079 prone35947 rocking horse181 silly8989 silly pony3567 simple background610132 smiling406554 smooth as butter58 solo1447060 sweet dreams fuel2088 szafir87 is trying to murder us42 that pony sure does love books1369 twiabetes15542 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150890 weapons-grade cute4724


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Background Pony #3135
Oh dear Celestia No! It’s too sweet and adorable! I’ve got maximum level Twiabetes! SHE’S TOO DARN CUTE