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safe1689557 artist:magnaluna1020 artist:szafir87131 twilight sparkle298364 alicorn221246 pony951216 adorkable3520 animated97710 balancing996 book33095 bookhorse558 brown background757 cute197336 daaaaaaaaaaaw3757 dork3789 ear fluff28765 eyes closed91525 female1347471 fluffy14036 gif30491 happy30766 hoofy-kicks756 impossibly large book12 mare472707 open mouth142349 prone25208 rocking horse112 silly7391 silly pony2976 simple background387634 smiling243501 smooth as butter45 solo1052568 sweet dreams fuel1572 szafir87 is trying to murder us26 that pony sure does love books1134 twiabetes11614 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122932 weapons-grade cute3658


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Background Pony #3135
Oh dear Celestia No! It's too sweet and adorable! I've got maximum level Twiabetes! SHE'S TOO DARN CUTE
Background Pony #56AF
Well done. It's hard to think that a picture could get a thousand likes in one day.