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Emerald watches as Ruby pulls out the few posessions she has. Joyride says that none of them have had spells cast on them. The colt points out her earring, but after looking at it briefly Joyride says that it's okay.

Next Emerald empties out his bag, and they go through his inventory, being careful not to show off his "other" focus to Ruby. They find nothing until Emerald holds up his book focus to Joyride, and the scarlet bookmark falls out of it.

Joyride swiftly scoops it up and looks at it. She then alights her horn and the small piece of paper catches on fire. Emerald thinks on when the Order members could have slipped that onto him, and then he remembered Uictoria briefly seizing his focus. She didn't even have it for that long, and yet she got it in there.

Emerald grimaces, a bit of wary respect building for the Order of the Arrow member.

"Okay, the rest of this is good. Whew. That makes me feel a bit better." Joyride says, laying down on the sand.


Inventory & Spells — http://pastebin.com/D5PzFgGv


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