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Emerald takes a deep breath. Now that the adrenaline has died down a bit he feels the fatigue set in from all the spells he cast. As he sits he watches a crab scuttle by, and listens to the soft flow of the waves against the warm, sandy beach.

It really is quite peaceful here.

Ruby grabs a small, flat rock, and throws it at the water, causing it to skip at least seven or eight times.

"Heh, still got it!" Ruby says, looking for more rocks.

Joyride approaches and Emerald and sits next to him. The foal asks where they are.

"I dunno. Just looked for dimensions we could go to and this one looked nice and out of the way. We'll rest here a bit and then walk along the beach until we can find a nice place to get back in away from where Uictoria was." Joyride says with a nod.

"Can't you just bring us back in near the city where Loupe and Nishan are?" Ruby says, throwing another stone.

"Nope. You can't use the portals in that way. Where we are now is where the cave we were in before was in this dimension. If we wanted to go to the city, we'd need to walk to where it is in our dimension and then portal back in."

Emerald asks how the Order members managed to find them. He asks if maybe there is some sort of tracking spell on them, or if they got the information out of Hope.

"Hmm, I suppose it's possible they got it out of Hope, but not likely. Nishan felt we were being followed pretty much the whole way out of the camp. They wouldn't of had time to interrogate her. I think some sort of tracking spell or device is more likely." Joyride shifts slightly towards Ruby and calls her over. She then says, "You can't cast a tracking spell on a person. It would have had to of been on an inanimate object. Did they give you guys anything? Or perhaps slip something into your pockets that you didn't have before?"


Inventory & Spells — http://pastebin.com/D5PzFgGv


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