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Size: 1700x1700 | Tagged: safe, artist:messenger, trixie, pony, unicorn, bust, empty eyes, female, grin, mare, no catchlights, no pupils, simple background, smug, solo, transparent background
Size: 706x745 | Tagged: source needed, safe, rainbow dash, bust, empty eyes, expressionless face, female, looking at you, no catchlights, no pupils, portrait, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 1030x924 | Tagged: safe, artist:godofsteak, princess celestia, pony, bedroom eyes, bust, empty eyes, female, food, mare, meat, mouth hold, no catchlights, no pupils, ponies eating meat, simple background, solo, steak, transparent background
Size: 1744x2408 | Tagged: safe, artist:scumbaguette, soarin', pony, bust, empty eyes, male, no catchlights, no pupils, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 992x992 | Tagged: safe, artist:snow angel, lemon zest, equestria girls, bowtie, bust, clothes, crystal prep academy uniform, empty eyes, female, headphones, no catchlights, no pupils, portrait, school uniform, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 1725x2368 | Tagged: safe, artist:laitbunny, fluttershy, butterfly, bust, empty eyes, female, heart eyes, insect on nose, looking at something, looking up, no catchlights, portrait, profile, solo, wingding eyes
Size: 5000x5628 | Tagged: safe, artist:mirroredsea, edit, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, :3, :d, :o, :t, absurd resolution, akari ga yattekita zo ~tsu, background edit, balloon, bipedal, blank eyes, blushing, box, candy, cardboard box, cute, dancing, diapinkes, eating, empty eyes, eyes closed, face down ass up, female, flailing, flexible, food, frown, glare, grumpy, happy, hoof hold, hoof over mouth, hoofy-kicks, jumping, lightbulb, lollipop, looking at you, looking up, mare, multeity, no iris, no pupils, on back, open mouth, owo, pancakes, pinkieball, png, ponk, pose, pronking, raised eyebrow, raised hoof, raised leg, rolling, running, scrunchy face, serious, simple background, sketch, sketch dump, smiling, sneezing, sparkles, spin dash, spinning, starry eyes, surprised, thinking, too much pink energy is dangerous, transparent background, wall of tags, waving, wide eyes, wingding eyes, xd
Size: 1836x1479 | Tagged: safe, artist:ilovekimpossiblealot, artist:minty25, fluttershy, bust, colored, female, looking up, no catchlights, no pupils, portrait, smiling, solo
Size: 848x658 | Tagged: safe, artist:captainpudgemuffin, edit, rainbow dash, pegasus, pony, animated, blinking, blushing, cheek fluff, cropped, cute, dashabetes, ear fluff, embarrassed, empty eyes, female, frame by frame, heart, looking at you, looking away, mare, no catchlights, no pupils, nose twitch, simple background, sitting, solo, tsunderainbow, tsundere, unamused, weapons-grade cute, white background, zipper
Size: 1440x1280 | Tagged: safe, artist:gergta, artist:littlebrownzebraicarus, oc, oc only, oc:lil' debbie, oc:oatmeal creme, food pony, original species, empty eyes, fat, no catchlights, no pupils, nom, oatmeal creme pie, obese, simple background, strategically covered, tail censor, transparent background
Size: 1280x1004 | Tagged: safe, artist:holivi, fluttershy, human, pegasus, pony, anthro, equestria girls, anthro ponidox, anthro with ponies, blushing, cute, empty eyes, equestria girls outfit, eye contact, female, grin, holding hands, hug, human anthrodox, human ponidox, humanized, lidded eyes, light skin, looking at each other, looking up, mare, multeity, no pupils, self ponidox, shyabetes, simple background, smiling, white background
Size: 780x712 | Tagged: safe, artist:neuro, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, chibi, cute, diapinkes, female, looking up, mare, no catchlights, no pupils, ponk, simple background, sitting, smiling, solo, transparent background