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Edit of Scorpdk's black and white Trixie witch. Thought it was weird that she wad the only uncolored one, so I tested something out. Hope it looks good.
suggestive148398 artist:scorpdk681 color edit7782 edit135884 trixie68729 human158938 absolute cleavage3647 boob window1318 bracelet10009 breasts288658 busty trixie4203 cleavage35634 clothes475908 colored19861 evening gloves8643 female1401673 gloves20954 gray background7676 hat90321 humanized101909 jewelry68196 latex12337 leotard4716 looking at you175650 simple background409023 skintight clothes801 smiling260846 smiling at you5194 socks68554 solo1094219 solo female183683 thigh highs38175 wand1322 witch2401 witch hat3106


not provided yet


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I'd say it looks good. Trixie deserves to be recognized in all her vibrant glory as best witch around.

Afterall, anything we can do she can do better. And that includes being sexy as fuck. xD