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Larger version of Tumblr image.
suggestive170133 artist:king-kakapo1274 fluttershy235765 human198034 adorasexy11224 bed49210 bedroom13318 belly button94038 big breasts104043 blanket6509 blushing234667 breasts335920 bunny ears4357 busty fluttershy20599 clothes549486 cute231853 draw me like one of your french girls1482 feet47948 female1578993 fluttershy's cottage1853 frilly underwear4692 godiva hair322 humanized108974 lingerie12218 lying down31313 nudity444496 on side8028 panties56754 partial nudity24938 pillow22104 pink underwear4472 playboy311 playboy bunny854 ribbon8076 sexy36717 shyabetes16668 solo1245726 solo female204303 stockings41120 strategically covered3275 topless15557 underwear69657 white underwear3684


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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
Oh you lot, assuming that this isn’t her and an offscreen humanized Angel*, putting on an instructive show in you-know-what for the birds and the bees at her window. Given that this is Equestria, they might actually have to be taught how.
  • A sweet, but outrageously camp and snarky rabbit-eared albino pixie-elf guy. With absurdly foofy white hair.
Background Pony #D5C0
Sure she’s purdy. Though I’m concerned that we appear to be viewing her through the window or should that be peeping?