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Emerald asks what exactly a demon does with the souls it captures.

"Oh all sorts of things! You can eat'em, which other than being tasty actually increases a demon's strength! You can also use them as currency, infuse them into weapons or other objects to enchant them, use them for spells… Heck, the underworld itself is built mostly out of soul's that have been carefully absorbed into the environment! I think it took… Hmm… Roughly three or four hundred to make my little house I have down there." Pip says happily, "I hope there isn't anyone squatting in it."

Emerald asks if there is a way to sever the bound between the chronodaemon and himself.

"Maybe? I don't know. If it really doesn't want to be around you it could find a way, and if it wants to stay with you it doesn't really matter what you do does it? He could just reverse time and make sure you didn't sever the bond with him." Pip says.

Emerald shifts a little to get more comfortable and then asks what the pony who turned into the demon's name was.

Pip wags a hoof at the colt and says, "I'm not telling you a demon's true name you crafty lil' boy! Especially not with someone like Joyride around. he is known in some circles as the 'Cleansing Flame' though."

Emerald then asks what she sees in Joyride and Ruby's soul.

"Joyride's is one of the most corrupt I've seen!" She says, giving a nod to Joyride, who nods happily back, "As for your friend, hers is still pretty pure… But it's on a thin edge at the moment. She could easily teeter into corruption with the right push!"

Emerald looks over to Ruby, who seems to have fallen asleep against the backpack. She is hugging one of Joyride's arms, and she looks innocent enough at the moment.

Hopefully that won't ever change…


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