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safe1638865 artist:vavacung2282 daring do6272 pinkie pie209867 oc642700 changeling44096 earth pony223963 comic:changeling-scout53 book31992 cute189589 cuteamena753 cuteling713 family4255 floppy ears48880 magic69711 parent:oc:changeling scout1 parent:pinkie pie3802 pinkamena diane pie18657 reading5995 vavacung is trying to murder us19


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You know, I have to question when they created the filly? I hope that it wasn't when Pinkie was distracted by him reading. That would be awkward.
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That changeling still looks absolutely adorable here. I forgot his name/role other than "Changeling Scout". Pinkamena looks pretty happy here too, and I'm guessing the little one is their kiddo :D