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Well, here it is, teenager apol pone with eye shimmering. Also, I created the tag “eye shimmer edit”. I’ve used here the vector that I did yesterday, so the only “edition” is that I used the background of the episode. (Oh god, I sound very redundant).
Differents versions:
^A. Transparent background 
B. “Transparent background with white lines”:imgh.us/ApolPoneWhiteLines.gif
Even if just a 1% of the people will find this as useful, I like to bring more options.
safe1767211 artist:anonshy29 edit137642 edited screencap68622 screencap231082 applejack174584 big macintosh28991 earth pony273297 pony1027119 where the apple lies548 .psd available367 :t3897 animated101772 applebetes155 cute207691 eye shimmer1244 eye shimmer edit20 female1416348 filly70706 gif32578 grin41794 happy32541 jackabetes6321 male393222 smiling265944 solo focus17730 squee1979 stallion118174 sweet dreams fuel1684 teenage applejack311 younger17909


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