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Background Pony #7E0E
Honestly, that "stranger danger" piece of "art" kind of killed the mood for me.
Background Pony #C39A
@Background Pony #A237
Denial is the first stage of acceptance. No matter how much evidence you provide they are gonna deny until they kiss or something. And then you'll likely hear "it was a friendship kiss" or something equally as dumb. But I guess when you have a patreon dedicated to you carefully disguised self insert fantasy, you gotta keep that bank coming.
Background Pony #064E

I mean, I don't even care if people keep shipping Dislestia. Shipping is meant to be fun! It was the "molestation" pic that made me lose all sympathy for this particular person's art. I mean, new low reached?
Background Pony #064E
@Background Pony #BC11

All true, expect this artist drew a pic of Discord molesting Fluttershy with the words "stranger danger" under it just to prove a "point." LOL GUISE WE'RE GETTING DESPERATE LET'S TROT OUT THE OLD 'PAEDO' ARGUMENT AGAIN

So yeah, I'm not feeling much sympathy right now.
Duck - "You would all have 10/10 episodes if i was responsible for this season as story editor and I could do it for free"

>nothing will stop us
Except canon shipping. Unless you mean the artist's need to draw their selfinsertion with Discord being OOC.
Background Pony #94CE
@Background Pony #3018
people still don't understand the basic things like: one episode won't mean anything, won't stop anything and the classic "don't count the chickens before they hatch"