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safe1769322 artist:shieltar388 princess celestia97311 princess luna101368 oc721667 oc:big mark78 oc:florence45 oc:grace harmony190 oc:professor harmony77 oc:sweetie pie29 comic:birth of equestria257 belly button82435 cewestia1810 comic112416 cute207938 filly70866 jealous1264 midriff19982 pink-mane celestia2657 winged human92 woona5112 younger17925


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Background Pony #7C0A
Celestia has been implied to have a very spotlight possessive personality in the past, which shoved Luna out of the light. I think that’s what thid is drawing from.
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F “no, no, I meant him to make a pony for me, sweetie.”  
S “ohhhhh.”  
F “when has he ever made anyone into a magical pony?”  
S “he hasn’t, yet!”  
F “…you’re doing it again, sweetie.”  
S “doing what?”  
F “please stop.”  
S “okie dokie lok—” *hand shoved in her face*
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Well, re-reading it, they’ve pretty much admitted to one semi-shady goal: They intend to give the money to their friend, because they want to help their friend.  
To me, that’s just one step above keeping it for themselves.  
But I still get where they’re coming from.
However the part about undermining themselves and ruining their friends’ chances is straight out scummy.  
Maybe they just didn’t think through the implications, but to me this is something they should rely entirely on viewer generosity for.  
So, they should do whatever they can to fix the problem, and more money should just mean they solve it better  
Keeping it ‘hostage’ means trying to get a minimum-wage pay for their friend is scummy; They could EASILY get a non-friend to do it for cheaper, so it’s incredibly corrupt and greedy.  
But, again, they might just not have thought through the implications; It’s the kind of plan I could easily imagine looked good at a glance.
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Wait, they’re actually making it a goal before they put any effort into making their comics the bare minimum when it comes to spelling? Doesn’t that seem… wrong to anyone else? Shouldn’t someone want their work to be the best it is, regardless of how much money they are getting? Especially if they are getting money? They could get people to do it for free, so I don’t see why they need MORE money in order to even bother with it.
Could anyone give me an explanation? Because this seems really fishy, not to mention kind of shady. I would love an explanation to put me at ease because I really like their art and the stories they come up with.
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Plot twist: Sweetie Pie isn’t turned into Pinkie, she’s turned into Lyra :P  
Nah, actually pretty sure we know who everyone’ll become, except for Grace.
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psst it's me I'm a horse
I can already tell how this is gonna end up, the cliche “jealous child stands in the vicinity of perfect child who never gets blamed who does something wrong and the jealous child gets blamed, gets fed up and says it’s all the perfect child’s fault but no one believes the jealous child until the parents realize oh no they fucked up and apologize and have a heart-to-heart talk to the jealous child”