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September Patron Sketch - PonyStark
Two-fer Sketch, done as a birthday gift for True.
Happy Birthday, mate! Hope Matthew isn’t ruining your day.
Original, full size will be inside the September Patron Art pack later this month. In case someone is actually interested in that kinda thing.
dead source29565 safe1859266 artist:scorpdk710 princess celestia100584 oc776116 oc:claymore48 human180118 alternate hairstyle31149 bracelet11448 breasts314909 busty princess celestia11329 cake10735 canon x oc28307 claylestia41 cleavage38293 clothes517989 cute220010 cutelestia3817 ear piercing31726 earring24709 eating10704 eyes closed108859 feeding1421 female1499123 food79682 humanized105611 humanized oc2591 jewelry79850 male422076 necklace23348 open mouth175537 piercing48315 ponytail20875 shipping218022 smiling296337 sweatdrop3952 sweater16131


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Background Pony #793C
Oooooh looks nice. Is there a fanfic for this? Or is it just art?? (•~°)