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Estrus season. Wacky hijinks ensue every time.
suggestive151820 artist:badumsquish2045 derpibooru exclusive30110 twilight sparkle310564 alicorn239377 pony1098421 adorasexy10361 ambush90 badumsquish is trying to murder us167 blushing210303 bronybait3082 condom3333 condom in mouth696 cute210310 door4205 estrus1812 female1435634 golden oaks library5320 imminent sex7632 kick763 looking at you182139 messy mane8104 mouth hold18647 offscreen character37057 pov14930 sexy31708 she wants the d182 solo1123115 solo female187459 stupid sexy twilight1073 twiabetes12484 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128072


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Background Pony #0D86
Hey, Twilight! What can I do for ya? 😀

Hehe, uhhh…. why’d you lock the door? 😐
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Shoulder Angel: “No, don’t let the artist poison your soul with sinful thoughts! Be strong, resist!”
Shoulder Devil: “You do know there’s porn and, at the very least, implied porn of shoulder angels too, right?”
Shoulder Angel: [Inarticulate Terror]
Me: [Still on the topic at hand] “Well, I mean, she does have the condom already.”
[Confetti and the sounds of celebration the Shoulder Devil’s side]
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Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Shoulder Angel: “Say no, dude. You must maintain your purity!”
Me: “She’s so cute… AGHHHHHHHHHHH~
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“Twilight please”
“ come on ,I have a condom”
“ yeah but you can make disappear with your magic when I cum ,this why I can’t trust you “
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Background Pony #CD5E
twilight I know we’re friends and everything but are you really up for this? if so i’m down for a ride ;)~ziltromon[my birthday clown’s name is ponydog1]