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safe1898252 artist:agnesgarbowska866 derpy hooves52967 diamond tiara10938 filthy rich1233 fluttershy231372 pinkie pie232918 rainbow dash253116 spoiled rich1298 twilight sparkle324475 alicorn260516 pony1245834 idw17113 spoiler:comic11656 spoiler:comic4637 cheering883 comic119682 cropped53875 crossed arms6403 female1535398 filly79604 foal24061 male434782 mare577383 official comic2494 rich family6 speech bubble28923 spoilthy90 squishy cheeks2771 stallion138372 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134616


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Beau Skunky
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Not stinky!
They hate rich greedy republicans. They prefer rich greedy democrats.
Joking aside, kinda interesting Dashie is pro-Filthy, it’d be interesting to see the Mane 6 get a li’l divided between Mayor Mare & Mr. Rich.
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Well it’s interesting that Filthy won in the first issue. I’m sure Mayor Mare will be reinstated by the end of the second but hey nice (temporary) shake up.
Background Pony #F60C
Derpy? YOU voted against Mayor Mare? This is about that doll, isn’t it?