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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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@northern haste
it was alright and yeah that ending did piss me off but I wish that Disney still owned PR. that in my opinion was PR was at its best. nowadays the show has gotten to goofy even by PR standards
Background Pony #63E5
@Background Pony #8574
I would 100% love it if they did it.

But if they're going the magical girl route, they'd have to get finishing moves too in addition to their super powers, like how each of the sailor scouts have a themed attack, or how digimon all have a finishing move.

Still think a ball and chain is too fancy.
Background Pony #AE1C
If this means EQG is gonna be super hero based with magic powers.. I'm gonna flip a table.
Background Pony #63E5
Undyne comes to mind as well :p

@Background Pony #BC3A
>No appeljack
For some reason that makes me laugh :p

That being said, I think a whip is a terrible fit for AJ; I get that its going for a link with her lasso, but it'd be better to go with a "two weapons" scenario, with her having her lasso as a tool and then another weapon, like gauntlets or a hammer, for actually hurting the opponent.
she's a bruiser, her weapon should evoke an image of power.
Background Pony #63E5
Eh, I get the feeling it won't be ponies traveling over but just magic; they'll probably keep the focus on people going crazy due to magic like this movie.