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suggestive192742 artist:gutovi497 rainbow dash283120 pegasus508291 pony1630104 g42055739 trade ya!1033 bunny suit4041 butt236211 clothes645596 dialogue95614 embarrassed15582 female1831378 fishnet stockings8033 implied lesbian4844 implied rarity1612 leotard6676 modeling382 offscreen character53516 plot147402 presenting35385 punishment1495 rainbutt dash6706 rear view23184 simple background610120 solo1447046 solo female237925 transparent background289508


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It wasn’t a conscious decision, since Rainbow obviously wasn’t listening to the offer, since she was more focused on getting the book. She immediately tried to call the whole thing off as soon as she actually comprehended what she agreed to.
Even if you ignore that, can you really call that slavery? She wasn’t abducted or threatened to be beaten or killed. It was a barter, the entire point of the episode. She gets the book if Fluttershy helps train the Orthros. Fluttershy was willing to go along with it because it would make her friend happy. Even though she was understandably reluctant, she still made her own choice about whether to go or not.
So all in all, I would hardly call it slavery. She was just going to be a live-in trainer for a period of time.
I guess most people take it that way simply because of the time it would take. I just went to do a fact check, and Fluttershy says she doesn’t know how many moons it would take to train it. So it may take a year or more. If the timespan was, say, a week for training one, I doubt the majority of people would be complaining about it as much.