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safe1709036 artist:evehly851 pinkie pie216441 earth pony249684 pony970096 :t3791 autumn1617 beach ball1492 beanie3662 chest fluff39233 clothes460533 cute200191 diapinkes9902 female1365482 flower25703 flower in hair7747 fluffy14262 hat87042 looking at you169065 mare481874 one-piece swimsuit4446 open mouth146357 orange background813 ponk1067 scarf23289 seasons65 simple background394313 sitting63397 smiling249201 socks66479 solo1065932 spring300 summer1373 swimsuit28326 winter4460 winter fluff7


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
I can imagine a pony’s fur changing throughout the year depending on season. Love winter because it’s when they’re most fluffy.
Background Pony #5A36
Scientist: 'Oké assistant, bring the cuteness scale to Evehly levels.'

Assistant: 'But sir, the cuteness overdose will destroy the-!'

Scientist: 'Just do it, it has to be done,' puts on a serous face 'it was to.'