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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full After drawing a few critical comics about KP, I decided to make myself a little birthday present of me in an OMQ Parody comic!
And this isn’t just ANY ordinary comic! This is the first customizable comic where you can insert your very own brony OC and humanized pony characters in any special manner, from the thief breaking into your house to the friends who are eager to celebrate the day you were made!! You can even customize the interior house decor, add some confetti or have them sing instead of shout!!
full If you had ANY request of giving your friends a special birthday surprise card like thiis comic above, send your requests to the comic template (must be done 1-2 weeks before the birth date; I’m VERY busy on schoolwork and other comics) OR you can just decorate your own birthday break-in with the template!!
Reference: Humanized Bandit
Click here to see the template of the comic!
“Click here for more Master Q Parodies!”:
safe1807832 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack177270 fluttershy222575 pinkie pie224892 rainbow dash243824 oc746807 oc:bandit44 human175982 anime5938 artist233 backpack2123 bandit67 birthday2842 birthday cake981 breasts302442 burglar36 cake10395 candle5233 chocolate cake86 click30 clothes497827 cloud33410 comic114701 crescent moon2023 crime99 criminal83 crossover65086 curtains2762 dark4738 darkness717 door4253 female1453031 food76625 happy birthday1350 humanized104017 humanized ponified human151 light1617 mask7511 moon25193 night28811 oh no328 old master q502 parody16012 shocked7637 sideboob11220 sky15857 surprised10006 sweater15624 sweatershy3259 uh oh297 window9507 yelling3344


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