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Emerald coughs to get Joyride’s attention, and they let the rest of the group go ahead slightly so they can talk.
Emerald explains his deal with Nishan, and says that he can repay her.
“You bet you can repay me.” Joyride says, licking her lips and raising and lowering her eyebrows.
Emerald says that he meant with bits. He even says that they made a deal where he could make potions to make some money if needed.
“Oh.” Joyride says, “That’s fine too. Maybe I’ll teach you some more useful potions you can mass produce. The stupid stuff that people will buy. You know, ointments and face creams and that boring stuff. You could earn it back the easier way though, you know.”
Emerald says that he’s good on stuff for a little bit. In fact he’s surprised his butt didn’t swell up from the pounding. He asks when she even had time to upgrade the machine.
“Well I didn’t upgrade it myself. I had someone else do it.” Joyride says, “And as for bigger butts, they have potions for that you know. Spells too, but they wouldn’t do you any good would they.”
Emerald sighs and changes the subject.
Emerald asks if she can cast that spell that let’s her sense life forms nearby. Maybe that will find whoever is following them.
“Ah.” Joyride says, looking down at Emerald in surprise, “That’s a good idea. You know sometimes I forget the easiest solutions can be the best.”
She asks for everyone to stop for a second, and they all look around at her, but halt in place. Joyride concentrates with her eyes closed and casts the spell. A few seconds later she says,
“Nothing but a few birds and some critters around us. At least that I can sense.”
“That you can sense?” Nishan asks.
“Yeah, well, I mean it’s not hard to mask that sort of thing, especially if you are someone like the Order.” Joyride says with a shrug.
Inventory & Spellshttp://pastebin.com/D5PzFgGv
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Background Pony #76C5
Too bad, I’d like to see her become more reconnected with the world.( but still be joyride ish)
Background Pony #76C5
Do you think joy will ever develop as a character and be come less rick-ish?