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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full *You forgot to recharge her gold-laced electrolyte batteries, didn’t you boss?  
full (See, even the BEST workers, whether be human or machine, STILL requires an energy break to keep working at the task at hand. Even if they do last longer and work more efficiently, nothing replaces the importance of human interaction, emotional empathy and judgement when it comes to performing customer service)
Rarity’s alternate hairstyle >>1035236
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YES!!! My tag number for “alternate hairstyle” is the first to go OVER 9000!!!!

safe2042564 artist:meiyeezhu339 rarity207572 sweetie belle54427 oc876673 oc:ilovekimpossiblealot256 robot10242 friendship is witchcraft834 abuse9038 alternate hairstyle34783 anime7054 boss127 business48 business suit434 chair10646 clothes582569 comic127991 computer7541 corporation6 desk4226 drama3276 fired33 funny5029 glasses80876 high heels15208 hilarious129 humanized113300 jealous1421 laptop computer2978 lazy273 office1276 office chair435 old master q504 parody16919 plant3118 pointing5223 receptionist55 reference4947 sad29494 shirt34651 skirt50096 sleeping27629 sleepy2066 snoring1075 suit8121 surprised11737 sweetie bot1497 take that158 tired4038 tube skirt252 typing158 yelling3971 zzz3065


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Background Pony #CBDE
This comic has the most valuable moral lessons for those who are business owners.
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Sweetiebot.exe has stopped giving a f***!
@Beau Skunky  
I don’t hate on her; I wanted to improve into a better human being! These comics are just to highlight the perspective of the people surrounding KP in a critical yet constructive manner; after a few couple more comics, her demeanor will improve bit by bit