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Woot woot! I've been playing around on Kisakae and I designed the Shadowbolts! From left to right: Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Sunny Flare, Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Frosty Orange (background character), Ginger Owlseye (background character), and Taffy Shade. (background character)This was fun to do! Even if it's just a dressup game, there are lots of ways to customize the characters. I couldn't figure out how to add freckles and eyeshadow, though. I might do the Mane Eight/other characters later on. My Little Pony, Equestria Girls, the Friendship Games, and characters belong to HasbroLemon Zest's, Sour Sweet's, and Indigo Zap's outfits inspired by xebck Kisakae does not belong to me.
safe1681410 artist:berrypunchrules423 frosty orange249 ginger owlseye257 indigo zap2433 lemon zest3144 sour sweet3265 sugarcoat3280 sunny flare2698 taffy shade84 arm behind head6121 armpits42625 background human6265 belt5301 boots21268 clothes450523 crystal prep shadowbolts1309 dark skin4490 dress43635 feet38891 female1340612 flats369 goggles13872 group3413 headphones7486 kisekae350 one eye closed29641 sandals4179 shoes35310 skirt38975 socks64948 stockings31929 thigh highs35174


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