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Dusk Shine could feel her hot breath wrap around his dick as Sunset seemed to hyperventilate, running her face along its length and inhaling deeply with every pass. A trickle of precum became entangled in her hair as he began to lose control of himself.

"Sunset…what are you…"

Her bright green eyes stared up hungrily at Dusk's as she lewdly wrapped her tongue around the head of his cock. "You've been holding out on me, Dusky." Sunset giggled as he seemed to clamp up, certain he had been caught off guard.


"…can wait. Besides…I want them to see us."

Sunset slowly, agonizingly, planted a gentle kiss on the tip of his shaft as Dusk crumpled to the ground.
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"It's so… big" is what she said about my triple extra deep deep deep dish pizza loaded to the brim with meats, veggies, and cheese.