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Emerald urges you to be gentle.
suggestive148403 artist:ficficponyfic2697 edit135888 oc711821 oc only465383 oc:emerald jewel1640 oc:hope blossoms173 oc:joyride522 earth pony265835 pony1010335 colt quest2494 adult2581 amulet1334 child2005 clothes475926 colt15474 cropped50471 cute205668 ear piercing27784 eyeshadow16563 female1401698 foal15740 hair over one eye9329 implied foalcon1580 implied sex6187 makeup22808 male387956 mantle287 mare502084 piercing43098 please be gentle30 ponytail18760 robe3750 smiling260857 talking6141 talking to viewer2932


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