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alt source with full (Russian) description:
Here is russian flash roguelike game in FO:E style (beta version)  
WASD - moving (double S - move down from platforms)  
Shift - running  
Spacebar - jump (double - levitation)  
Left-click - fire  
E - action (open, hold for hack or lockpick (may be unsuccessful, try more until “заклинило”))  
R - reload weapon  
F - buck  
Q - telekinesis  
Z - move camera  
G - throw explosives  
1-9 - select weapon  
[-] - select item  
P - use item  
Tab - PipBuck
“Шар памяти” is “Memory orb” and “Журнал” is “Journal”, use them for some skills
This is beta, so… you cannot die completely
But you can:  
Break walls  
Throw enemies into the pits  
Stole safe deposit from room full of turrets  
Open this safe and put that back  
Destroy turrets by using this safe  
Kill yourself by your mine  
Sneak into secured room and fail 9 of 11 lookpicks
and more

semi-grimdark35834 artist:empalu59 twilight sparkle354836 oc936841 oc:littlepip5153 bat2659 bloatsprite27 earth pony438226 pony1583181 unicorn529208 fallout equestria22640 game: fallout equestria: remains188 g42008090 axe2141 battle saddle379 bloodwing11 clothes625973 cutie mark51434 dead5293 energy weapon414 explosion2684 fan game503 fanfic11370 fanfic art18435 female1782005 game4777 game screencap2287 gameplay84 glowing horn28737 grenade launcher224 grin62057 gun20500 handgun4043 healing potion16 health potion17 high res406254 hooves25649 horn179568 jumpsuit5503 levitation16081 machine gun688 magic95588 magical energy weapon160 male543414 mare728774 medkit112 minigun596 ministry mares355 ministry of arcane sciences41 mutant502 pipbuck4327 pistol2902 plasma gun90 plasma rifle37 poster6926 potion2941 propaganda1026 raider1086 russian5963 shooting633 shotgun1890 smiling390260 stallion191866 telekinesis38599 text87930 vault suit4339 weapon40751 window13595 x eyes932


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Background Pony #EC47
After more than 3 years, this game is finished. It added a lot of features, but the graphics were very solid from the very start, as I can see.  
Thanks, Empalu. You are the real MVP.
Castellan Fyor
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For the Emperor!
I don’t believe 8.0 is out yet for the public, just play-testing  
I will say, I would’ve much rather preferred the outdoors setting in the factory, I got claustrophobia because of the underground parts.