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Tumblr: www.meggie-vectors.tumblr.comInstagram:…"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.." -Helen Keller"Usagi has touched all our hearts & we became close friends 'cause we are all Sailor Guardians.." -Inner Senshi, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1"Sailor Moon. We can't abandon you, we have always wished to fight together for a long time.." -Outer Senshi, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3Boy, this took me 2 weeks to finish but it was worth it & I'm pleased with the results! Felt like doing a group vector of all the entire Sailor Senshi team 'cause inspiration strikes(mainly since Naoko Takeuchi's work of Sailor Moon is beautiful) & made a lot a colour corrections to their colour palettes. Who's your favourite Sailor Senshi??Inspiration:…… No Background: Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi & Sailor Moon Crystal (C) Naoko Takeuchi & ToeiMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (C) Lauren Faust & HasbroVector (C) me
safe (1526759) artist:meganlovesangrybirds (93) absurd resolution (63092) aino minako (30) amara tenoh (6) amy anderson (20) chibi-usa (46) hino rei (45) kaioh michiru (11) kino makoto (42) lita kino (26) meioh setsuna (9) michelle kaiou (7) mina aino (32) mizuno ami (29) ponified (37081) raye hino (23) rini tsukino (13) sailor jupiter (94) sailor mars (68) sailor mercury (63) sailor mini moon (7) sailor moon (1244) sailor neptune (26) sailor pluto (20) sailor saturn (19) sailor uranus (26) sailor venus (78) serena tsukino (57) tenoh haruka (9) tomoe hotaru (9) trista meioh (3) tsukino usagi (117)


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