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@Background Pony #D52F
Not likely.

From the source: "Cropped from the new cover image i’ve made for my patreon(nsfw). It was drawn in low resolution(1600x400, to meet the tech requirements) so a little upscale with waifu2x algorithm was applied."

It's already been scaled up once, other than redrawing the whole thing there might not be much else he/she can do.
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I hear ya, chief; If someone has worked with a program or medium in general as long as you have, you tend to see things in different areas of work that remind you of said medium you work with.
… sounds about right, eh?
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The legs and the lighting on them was the thing that caught my attention.

The cutie mark size and anatomy felt extremely familiar, as I've worked with these models for years, the lighting quality and aspect of it and the shadows in the connection between the leg and the stomach are what lead to my conclusion, I might be wrong however, haha, crapfest may be right on what he says about small aspects reminding you of certain things.
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A Pony is fine too
>similarity in proportions
i doubt that. As far as i know sfm models has really big heads(judging by the quick search on derpi and by the model on ponylumen). I'm trying to keep heads of my ponies ~ equal to the size of their "butt circle".
> The slightly lower detail on the scenery
Meh…ah just don't like to draw backgrounds. Also petals was kinda last minute decision.
The scenery was inspired by this photograph(a bit saucy)
That picture was drawn for patreon header and has a small resolution(1600x400), it was cropped and upscaled for the tumblr post. So no need in high details.

If I had to guess it’s a combination of many things: the similarity of proportions with the models used by the MLP subset of the SFM community; the fact that the pose is actually possible in SFM; and that you managed to give a real sense of depth here with the lighting, reflections, and shading, adding to the illusion that Twilight’s just a little too perfect. The slightly lower detail on the scenery (and the rose petals in particular) might also be screwing with his perception; paradoxically, the way you went above and beyond with Twilight makes the contrast between the scenery and her pronounced enough that it might be the tipping point that sets off his SFM paint‐over–dar — “those were obviously never in the original scene and were painted from scratch” his subconscious might conclude, and he gets this feeling that something’s not right.

It’s a stretch, true, but the weirdest, most minor shit can just throw you when you’re looking at an image… and it’s not even consistent. One day you might have noticed these things subconsciously and got the inkling that something’s off, but had the image been even slightly different the thought would never have crossed your mind.

Armchair psychology, blatant conjecture, and over analysis pursuant to determining what gave him that vibe aside… I really like this piece.