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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
In case you weren’t aware about the situation surrounding Youtube pegasister KP, please take a look at these videos before professionally criticizing on my comic (NO TROLLING, SLANDERING OR BADMOUTHING THE COMMENTERS OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!!)
From mindlessgonzo  
Other mindlessgonzo video  
From Moliminous  
From Vylet Pony  
From Kippy^ herself
Artist’s Opinions
Upon recent events regarding Kippy’s questionable handling of staff, such as restricted schedules, intolerance for tardiness, plagiarism and overworking her volunteer workers to the point of exhaustion, my reaction to this drama was to create a comic that is NOT meant to put hate on the pegasister celebrity, but rather criticize her art of management in a rather stern yet constructive way. Now, if I were to turn KP into some Hitler-like dictator with an iron fist or drew an ugly face, THAT would be considered hate art in my perspective. However, this comic is meant to highlight the perspective from her workers on how they view KP and how hard it was for them to quit, protest and criticize against their boss (well, that is, until the news about this drama came out…)
We all heard about “What if KP was Discord?”, so I figured I should do a short comic series called “What if Kippy was a CEO?”. Basically, I wanted Kippy to listen to this message asking “What if you were to treat the Mane Six—eerrr–SEVEN like you would treat your staff?”, and I saw a bunch of OMQ comics about Master Q dealing with his boss in the most strangest yet funny ways and thought “Why not turn the MLP main cast into corporate slav—I MEAN––workers and have them react to Kippy in real life as a CEO of KPC (Kim Possible Corporation)?” Now, of course, this is meant to be an analogy about stressful daily lives in the workplace, but by putting this comic into a more vibrant and colorful scheme, this comic expresses in both the elating facade of Kippy’s analysis videos, yet still highlights the somber side of working under a significant amoral authority.
Kippy, if you’re reading this (which I doubt you would, because you know this would hurt your heart), I’m only doing this because I care. I accept your apology you had made, but if I hear another abuse scandal from you again, it’s going to get harder for me to trust you. Oh, and don’t worry, it’ll get better as I continue on with this series (as in, you’ll become more sympathetic near the end)
P.S. I’m not aiming to get horse famous! If you don’t like what you see about my representation of Kippy, you can take me off your watch and never see me again or just ban me from viewing your profile page, I don’t care!! I just need to get this off my chest before I go back to doing more positive OMQ comics (well, that is, if you can call them “positive”)
^I call her Kippy, because I don’t want to confuse her with the Youtube gamer girl of the same nickname
What are your opinions regarding the drama? Do you think this comic best represents Kippy in a critical (but not insulting) way? Do you believe Kippy will change for the greater good? Post your thoughts below (or you can just leave if you don’t have something professional to say!!)
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@Tumblr Feminism Is A joke
I only posted my explanation in case KP fans come over and type angry comments about me and misinterpret my comic as hate art against her.
Guess I kinda underestimated the amount of attention this drama is attracting, but that’s why I posted this description…
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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full IT’S AAA––uuuhhhhhhh——BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR THE BOSS!!! Yeah, that’s it!!
full But it’s–not my–
full Oh lookatthetime, I have so many files to—FILE–and–things–to-editBYEBYE!!!
(Starlight skeddaddles outta dodge)