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Thought Starlight should apologized from what happened in S6 E6. I think he forgive her.
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lost the creator of the starlight glimmer vector, sorry.
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better twimac it is the first otp love ( at starlight glimmer is love and this sunburst )

I ship it!

She could always warm up to him, possibly with Starlight helping out on the farm and getting to know him over time or a friendship lesson from Twilight. It's a possibility.
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I read that. Very good read, and interesting way of showing off Mac's vocabulary. And Starlight almost going Twilight Snapple was good in it's own way.

For me, this ship sank once she said "I can't be friends with somepony that doesn't talk". Even so, I have no disdain for it.

I've written a quick story on fimfic a few months back on these two as well. It's not a shipfic and there's very little, if any story. I just did it to have fun with the wordplay and to have Mac be unable to control himself with alliteration and palindromes (including one palindrome that took me just under two hours to create).

1: My personal opinions on the ships.
Macora: Like it
Twimac: Love it
RainbowMac: Not bad
LunaMac: Love it
MarbleMac: Meh, I'm neutral to it. Don't like it, Don't hate it.
2: Yeah it does.
3: Thanks, I'll try to make a sequel with more detail.
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I shall await then.
Personally, I like Macora because I think they would just be a cool, docile couple with loads of advice to give. Mac the humble reasonable farmer, Zecora the quasi mystic sagely shaman.

1. The reasons are as follows;
Macora: I feel she'd be of immense benefit to Sweet Apple Acres, what with her potions and all, and she's got a rapport with Applebloom. Also, I LOVE seeing stereotypes destroyed!
TwiMac: This one's got some canon behind it, what with the season 2 finale, Lesson Zero, and MLP:FIM:FF #17. Also, I have a headcanon that Mac likes intelligence, and that's why he's attracted to Twilight.
RainbowMac: Again, this one's also got some canon with it, though not as much as TwiMac. Especially after last weeks episode!
MarbleMac: Like alot of people, I joined this one after "Hearthbreakers".
Rarimac: "Filli-Vanilli" got me into this one. She acted very much like a girlfriend towards him most of the episode!
LunaMac: The comic got me into this one.
2. S'allright, happens to everyone.
3. Understood. I've already read it, and yeah, it could use polish, but just do a little more reading, keep writing and you'll get better!

1: Okay, why?
2: Words cannot describe how hard I facepalmed upon realizing i replaced where with wear. I'm probably gonna lose my grammar nazi license.
3: Warning, It's my first fimfic, and it's a clopfic. A genre of fimfics I don't really read, so it's a bit basic.

2. Yeah, I know about "dominant ships", but it just doesn't make sense (to me at least) to call some pairings "crack" simply because they're not as popular. And I do like this picture!
3. Well, my faves are Macora, TwiMac, RainbowMac, MarbleMac, RariMac and LunaMac, but I'll give your story a shot! Also, feel free to ask why I like them!

1: No problem.
2: I see wear you're coming from, but I think StarBurst is the dominate ship, despite how much of this ship. Regardless, I hope you liked the picture.
3: Bonus, If you like the StarMac Glimmer, check out the "Let me make it up to you" on my Fimfiction account, Outlaw the Changeling.
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I thought this ship was dubbed Glimmermac. Starmac makes me think of Starfox. Star Trek. Star Wars. Stargate. I'm seeing stars.

We meet again, OUDD. Tis I, SwG.
I'm guessing you're not up for a shipping war?

1. Glad you like them!
2. To me, it is a "possibility". An extreme possibility, but one nevertheless. Also, in my definition, no pairing is ever "crack" as long it's between two consenting adults. Now, if this were, say, between inanimate objects like a box or a carrot, then it'd be closer to Crack.