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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full Hmmph! You should’ve kept quiet about your measly boring contributions to the company to yourself, little mare!
full …I’ll get to the top of the fashion business someday…
Suri Polomare Design: >>537270
Note: The title of this comic comes from the English idiom phrase “joe job”
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safe1880806 artist:meiyeezhu333 coco pommel6431 suri polomare1331 human181718 anime6289 aura968 blushing224452 bob cut22 bobcut36 boss101 chibi15931 cleaning510 clock2155 cloth274 clothes525942 cocobetes754 comic118626 crying47998 cute223025 depressing123 desk3731 ear piercing32557 earring25261 female1518337 files13 flower30169 flower pot254 glass5427 high heels13408 humanized106358 humanized ponified human152 jeans4916 jewelry81800 manehattan1110 necktie8441 office1069 old master q505 pants17365 parody16277 pen1364 piercing49357 pleated skirt4216 ponytail21204 reference4402 rose4449 sad27147 secretary279 sitting73050 skirt45324 skyscraper305 smiling303077 sobbing129 socks76203 stockings38719 thigh highs43991 traditional art126576 volunteering9 washing330 window10224 work63 worker25 zettai ryouiki2043


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Connor Gorden

I don’t know how nobody has commented on this. This is literally real life in the world of employment. If you are a go getting, hard working, machine, they will totally forget you exist. If you’re a crappy employee on the other hand, at least you have their attention.