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Background Pony #08EF
HOW ?  
The goddamn 4TH movie is not released yet and all indicator that came from the book show it’s going to be trash and they still put a 5th movie on the work ?
Background Pony #7E2C
If they release EQG 5 in theatres it’s going to confuse the shit out of people (non bronies of course) when the actual movie comes out.
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Pre-G4 Art Archivist
I have not heard any concrete proof of this, the best I’ve heard is some rumors said during a convention that some of the staff have gotten scripts for what they think is season 7.
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Pre-G4 Art Archivist
I think it is pretty safe to say that Season 6 is the last season at this point. I think what is more likely is G5 is coming. Either as a reboot like Littlest Pet Shop is getting (Fans of that must be really happy) or a Guardians of Harmony series, I think it is too early to rule at least that out.
Edit: It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the unannounced Boulder Media projects is the Guardians of Harmony series.
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Third Position
I was expecting Equestria Girls season 1, but I am cool with the fifth installment of EqG movie.
At this point though, at least Equestria Girls might have a good rival, which is Miraculous Ladybug, because both shows are mostly in a high school setting and the main characters have secret magical powers.
P.S. However, both EqG and ML will never dare to beat Steven Universe, which is a cartoon show about pastel colored humanoid gems and a human-gem hybrid. And of course, they will never be in the same level as FiM.
Background Pony #5B5D
I can’t wait for the Pony movie. Lol, I hope it is as epic as the first pokemon movie back when I was a kid XD now I’m a grown man but a kid at heart. Haha
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Eyes: Opened Up
EqG 5? Pardon the pun but this is beating a dead horse. Send Sunset Shimmer home already!
I’d like that. Equestria Girls: Graduation. The grand finale of Sunset’s character arc.