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Artist's Description

Celestia’s first encounter with a changeling grub.
safe1749936 artist:silfoe1555 princess celestia96742 queen chrysalis35446 alicorn232801 changeling49763 changeling larva193 changeling queen17678 nymph713 pony1010014 other royal book191 black and white13468 chryslestia285 cute205629 cutealis2172 cutelestia3669 cuteling811 dialogue67940 fangs26662 female1401386 frown23558 glare8303 grayscale39234 grub84 hissing410 lesbian99251 levitation12554 magic75363 mare501934 monochrome152314 open mouth154170 raised hoof48403 shipping205618 simple background408932 sketch64524 smiling260730 speech bubble24409 telekinesis28708 white background102450 wide eyes17390


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Background Pony #A5AA
I actually wonder what a reformed Chrysalis would look like, but I'll settle for what we see now.

Actually, I have a fan theory that Chrysalis' story is much like Arachnid's from Greek Mythology. The girl who got turned into a spider. So in this case, the Pony who was turned into a changeling. It would explain why her eyes were different from all the other changelings.