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KilianKuro Commissions

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Holly full body! HAHAAnd I guess reference…BUT YEAH! I am proud of this.. The dawn of Holly art is upon you.. (Holly art XD That was my old signature) INFO:Art Trades: Open!Collabs: Open!… Programs: Microsoft paint Paint.netI learned How to do something…
safe (1526292) artist:oreocat472 (5) oc (575459) oc only (394481) cat pony (305) original species (21080) belly (22973) blue eyes (3498) clothes (389129) digital art (9786) ear fluff (21309) female (851124) fluffy (12362) gray mane (77) green eyes (3097) grey fur (42) grey hair (168) heterochromia (4082) leg warmers (2090) paw pads (275) paws (4128) simple background (325975) socks (54089) solo (939530) striped socks (18373) transparent background (170059) tummy fluff (5) underpaw (1308)


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