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From Season 6, Episode 17: Dungeons and Discords
(Episode #134 of 143), written by Nick Confalone.
safe1749085 artist:jeatz-axl670 big macintosh28812 discord31793 pinkie pie220040 rainbow dash238391 spike80452 draconequus12776 dragon58657 pegasus308688 pony1009298 unicorn341754 dungeons and discords789 absurd resolution67000 arrow2265 bard266 bard pie80 bow (weapon)1445 bow and arrow944 captain wuzz102 dungeons and dragons1297 fantasy class1546 female1400645 garbuncle106 helmet11184 horned helmet310 magic75320 male387548 mare501592 ogres and oubliettes301 parsnip25 race swap14668 rainbow rogue87 rogue190 roleplaying555 simple background408687 sir mcbiggen115 staff3027 stallion115540 sword11971 transparent background208640 unicorn big mac129 vector77831 weapon31403


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