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suggestive145569 artist:shoutingisfun598 princess cadance32807 princess flurry heart7380 queen chrysalis35160 shining armor23403 oc698369 oc:wuten20 pony988243 unicorn332746 bedroom eyes60339 brush1933 cellphone3716 clock1941 comic110324 crown17503 dialogue66586 door4021 eyeshadow16104 female1382266 filly68259 friday night38 hoof hold8436 horseshoes2239 hyperspace hyperwars17 jewelry65783 keyboard1167 magic74323 makeup22151 male380549 mare491487 monitor651 open mouth150048 phone6450 photo80675 plot80539 regalia20596 speech bubble23784 stallion112231 sunscreen575 sweat26996 table9371 telekinesis28224 this will end in divorce52 unshorn fetlocks26290 vulgar20951 wipes24


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Shining's listed in Chrysalis's phone as "Prince Fag Face" and "Fuck You."

That's not very nice. :(
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And then it DOES turn out to be something intimate, and Cadance comes home early and catches them in the act… then asks to join in.