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Pterus’ first school dance was pretty rough, even if everypony was trying to be welcoming, perhaps a little overzealous about their boy’s first dance. Except Eventide. She likes to give her big bro some grief once in a while as most little siblings do.
safe1863288 artist:silfoe1564 princess cadance35196 princess celestia100762 princess luna105075 spike84062 twilight sparkle320171 oc778462 oc:eventide glisten64 oc:pterus113 oc:twilight dapple37 alicorn253813 dragon64787 pegasus356973 pony1207735 other royal book191 royal sketchbook613 adopted offspring1180 alicorn oc30521 black and white14376 camera4362 dialogue73743 female1502710 filly76908 grayscale41576 lesbian103841 magical lesbian spawn13876 male423402 mare558024 monochrome158197 oc x oc18251 offspring44631 older30369 parent:princess luna2720 parent:twilight sparkle9400 parents:twiluna371 pegasus oc19817 shipping218481 simple background456536 speech bubble27790 stallion132896 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132499 twiluna1590 white background115620


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Background Pony #C2E0
Eventide is the younger sibling. We are all obligated to give our older siblings grief, it’s a law!

TwiLuna - the MasterShip
Well, he is royalty so she should be happy.  
Actually Pterus is adopted, so he is more like a royal bastard without much royal rights.
Spiritus Arcane
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

At least any colts dating the girls technically don’t have to put up with an overprotective father, though between Luna and Twi I’m sure they’ll have that covered too…
Background Pony #CA03
“Except Eventide. She likes to give her big bro some grief once in a while as most little siblings do.”
Or perhaps she’s interested in him herself, eh? After all, he’s adopted, soooo….  
Lol, that moment when you accidentally start shipping someone’s oc’s…